The Best Fitness Article

Are you surrounded by donuts, cookies, cakes, candy, etc. every day or almost every day? I think most of us are whether we around them at work, kids events, friends houses, or even just at the store. How many times can you walk past those donuts without caving in? It’s hard work to fight temptation and stay in shape. If it were easy, we’d all be healthy, thin, and in shape. It’s not easy though. It takes hard work and {Read More}

Hello Mio! Manhattan Toy Launches Whimsical Line with Contemporary Look – Giveaway!

We love the MIO house play set! My daughter loves to play house with her friends and dolls. These adorable wooden creations are so much fun! The two level house gives the dolls space and she loves to put them to bed. The sleeping bag matches the dolls apparel. The toys are extremely high quality and come in bright, colorful box that is fun to open. It has such a modern look and feel. My daughter enjoyed building the house {Read More}

Kennywood Amusement Park in Pittsburgh Discounted Tickets!!

Looking for something fun to do with the family this weekend? Head out to Kennywood Amusement Park! Kennywood is only 2 hours away from Cleveland making it a great family road trip! Tickets are usually $43.99 but we have a special discounted rate for our Mom Fab Fun readers!! Get your tickets now for only $33.99 for a Weekday and $37.99 for a Weekend. CLICK HERE to purchase now!! Or visit Kennywood and use Promocode: MomFabFunBlog16 Link: Promocode: MomFabFunBlog16 {Read More}

The Best Way to Drink White Wine in the Summer

Would you like some grapes with your wine? Frozen grapes that is. I do not like warm white wine. The summer heat puts a little bit of a damper on that. I have been using ice cubes, but that sometimes dilutes the entire taste and experience of the wine. My sister-in-law is the one who told me about freezing grapes as a healthy snack, but she also just told me that she puts them in her wine to keep it {Read More}

Oribel-Cocoon High Chair is a Must Have!

  “The Oribel-Cocoon High Chair is so cool!” That’s what I hear every time someone walks into my house.  It’s the Cocoon™, a must-have miracle on wheels that supports babies 6-months and older through daily cat naps, feedings and eventually a seat at the kitchen table! Cocoon – The Complete High Chair ($199) by Oribel!   It arrived in a nice looking box on my front doorstep. I love the slate color I chose, and I’m sure the other three color options {Read More}

Fun Date Night Downtown Cleveland in the Flats

THE FLATS ARE BACK! We had the best date night Downtown Cleveland in the Flats. It was so nostalgic to be down there an see the boats out and people everywhere, however, everything is new. The only place that survived is Shooters. Our first stop was Alley Cat Oyster Bar! I got the 5-piece shrimp cocktail and it was delicious! But not as delicious as my mother-in-law’s peel and eat shrimp. The texture and sauce was flavored perfectly! My {Read More}

Fun Kids Cleaning Routine

We know what you must be thinking! “There’s no possible way to make cleaning “fun” for kids”. While it is true kids and grown-ups largely differ in their understanding of what is fun and what is not, it is possible to organise things so as to make cleaning a little bit more interesting and exciting. Why is this important? The sooner you teach your child it is their responsibility to maintain their living space neat and clean, the better. This {Read More}

Avocado Toast….Yum!

All you need: Avocado (1) Pink Sea Salt Your favorite bread (toasted)

Fountain of Youth! M Ceutic Mesolift Marin – Renovation Radicale by THALGO

I think I found the Fountain of Youth! Well, I actually didn’t find it, but Lisa at Solia introduced me to it and I am so impressed with the results! M Ceutic Mesolift Marin – Renovation Radicale by THALGO is a new lotion that was just launched and it is amazing! It seriously feels like I got Botox or collagen because it makes my skin so tight, radiant and youthful! You can use it in the morning and in the {Read More}

Fresh, Healthy Summer Snacks – Plan Ahead!

My sister-in-law is super fit and eats very healthy, so I am always willing to take advice from her. One thing that I struggle with, which I am sure a lot of moms do, is keeping the junk out of the house and keeping delicious, nutritious snacks in the house. It seems like my daughter is exposed to candy, cookies, cakes, and “unhealthy snacks” on a daily basis. She will even say to me, “Mommy, can I have an unhealthy {Read More}