Giveaway! NogginRings and NogginStik Developmental Toys – Very Best Infant Toys for 2015

Smartnoggin’s new NogginRings and NogginStik Developmental Toys are awesome for babies! They just won the Oppenheim Toy Portfoloio Platnum Best Toy Award, which is the most esteemed, highest honor when it comes to rating toys. The NogginStik was designed to help encourage early milestones in infants. The head lights up red, blue and green to stimulate the baby’s eyes and encourage visual tracking. These can be purchased on Amazon or at NogginRings Grasping Rings – $18.99 NogginStick Developmental Light-Up {Read More}

You Are Making Me Blush! #FashionFriday

My favorite color leading into Spring 2016 is blush! Rose Quartz was named Pantone Color of the Year for 2016, which is basically a blush so you are going to be seeing a lot of this color. So stylish and elegant, it’s the perfect new neutral! Get blushed! Here are some of our favorites. You Are Making Me Blush! by courtneydolinar featuring a brown tote Madewell stitch sweater$100 – Maison Jules pink chiffon Melissa McCarthy Seven7 sleeveless tank Steve {Read More}

Color Changing Gel Nail Color: Spruce Up Your Shellac Manis!

I went to get my nails done yesterday and after the hardest part choosing a color I finally settled on a bright pink. The lady then informed me this was a color changing gel polish. “What does that mean?” I said. She said,”It changes color based on heat or cold.” Interesting I thought. Sounds good to me lets try it! I must say this is pretty cool and very distracting! For the past 24 hours I can’t stop starring at {Read More}

The Little Bling – The Trendiest Little Girl Clothes

You have got to check out the newest, trendiest clothes for you daughter at! My friend told me about this website and I can’t get over how cute the clothing and accessories are for little girls. Having a daughter myself, I am likely to get hooked on this adorable website! I love that it is a local Mom business too! Check out these sequin pants! !!! Check out more info at How The Little Bling Got Started It {Read More}

AdoramaPix – Beautiful Photo Books and Metal Prints!

I love my AdoramaPix! AdoramaPix has been serving the needs of the photographic community for over a decade. Well known for the superior quality prints and excellent customer service, they have become the lab of choice for professional photographers and savvy consumers all over the country! Around Christmas time I had gotten some professional photos taken of the boys they were adorable. I wanted to create something out of the photos but wasn’t sure what until I found AdoramaPix. AdoramaPix {Read More}

My First Cleanse Ever – RESTORE Cold Pressed

My First Cleanse Ever was a success! RESTORE Cold Pressed gave me such an awesome experience! My best friend has done this particular cleanse before and I have always wanted to do it! I figured what a better time than the new year to kick it off with something healthy? This was a way to cleanse and repair my body from all of the damage of over-indulging over the holidays. It was only one day, so I figured I could {Read More}

i-Mat Alphabet and Voice Pen from Creative Baby Inc – Very Fun and Educational at the Same Time!

We just got the i-Mat Alphabet and Voice Pen from Creative Baby Inc. and my daughter has not stopped playing with it! It’s very fun and educational at the same time. My husband and I have had so much fun playing this with her and have already spent hours with it. First we put the puzzle mat together. My daughter loves doing puzzles and I always make a big deal and give her a lot of positive reinforcement when {Read More}

Michael Angelo’s Bakery in Broadview Heights @sharemichaelangelos

The best place to purchase cakes and baked goods in the Cleveland area has to be Michael Angelo’s bakery! Michael Angelo’s Bakery has been open since Oct,7 2000. They offer a wonderful assortment of homemade bakery, fine gifts, and specialty cakes. I have been getting my kids cakes there for years! They always exceed my expectations and I always receive so many compliments on the cakes! They look good and taste great! The Ohio State cake was our latest purchase. {Read More}

Snowman Cupcakes! So Cute! #SnowmanCupcakes

How creative are people? These Do It Yourself Snowman Cupcakes look amazing! These would be great for a winter treat or for kids who love all things Frozen. You could do a movie and treat night! They also look semi easy to make which is right up my alley. Martha Stewart does not live at my house. This adorable recipe was found at Catch My Party. You start out making a typical boxed cupcake mix (or home made if your {Read More}

The Best Snow Day Activities for Kids!

Are your kids bored being indoors yet? I have two young boys and in the summer they are outside all day. It’s been cold in Cleveland and there isn’t even any snow outside, which means no sledding or snowman making. Just cold. Needless to say they are getting a little restless. They keep asking when it will be warm so they can enjoy the outdoors again. I hate to tell them they still have a long way to go. So {Read More}