No Sugar Challenge

Image compliments of If you are anything like me over the past week, you have over-indulged. I have been eating more sugar than ever. I swear it is like a drug because it is so addicting! The sugar binging ends today though. There is no nutritional value in sugar and it does no good for your body. It causes inflammation, extra calories and fat, and ultimately has many other negative impacts on your body. I challenge you to stop {Read More}

NOOMA Electrolyte Drink

NOOMA electrolyte drink is an excellent low calorie, low sugar drink for after a workout for rehydration. There are many different flavors and my favorite is Blueberry Peach. It’s a light but flavorful drink with many vitamins and nutrients. Check out the calorie and nutritional information:

The Polar Express! – Cuyahoga Scenic Railroad

We finally did it! I finally took my daughter on the The Polar Express at the Cuyahoga Scenic Railroad! It is the thing to do around Christmas time in the Cleveland area. My best friend and her son went, too, and we got them matching Elf on the Shelf pajamas. It was so cute! Every kid was in their pj’s and really got into the entire theme of it. The train took off promptly at 7:00 p.m. The elf on {Read More}

Decorate Safely with Flameless Candles

Courtney’s mantel (pictured above) looks fabulous this year! I took a picture of it when I was at her house because I thought it looked better than some I have seen on Pinterest! She told me she bought the flameless candles (pictured) from QVC and got a great deal on them. They are called Luminara Candles. I had no idea they were even flameless candles because they looked so real! The faux flames even move around! The craziest thing is {Read More}

Gift Guide: Oribel’s PortaPlay Activity Center

Even though my daughter is getting older, a lot of my friends stop by with their little babies, so I like to have fun things to entertain the little ones. My friend stopped by last week and her baby played in the Oribel PortaPlay Activity Center and had such a ball! The toys on the activity area are so cute and different. The colors are neutral, yet very fun for both genders. I have to say that the best part {Read More}

Pita Pit Grand Opening on Monday, December 7th in Fairview – Java Joel will be there! Lots of Fun Prizes!

Pita Pit is finally here! Don’t miss the Grand Opening at the first of seven Pita Pit restaurants in the Cleveland area. As the holiday events begin to occur and the calories start to add up, make healthy choices by going to Pita Pit. This is a fast, convenient, fresh and healthy food option! Visit the new location on Monday, December 7th: 3520 Westgate in Fairview, OH FRESH THINKING, HEALTHY EATING

Flemings Restaurant in Akron/Fairlawn, OH for a Holiday Dinner Party

My husband and I just had a dinner date night at Flemings in Akron/Fairlawn and had a wonderful dining experience. The bar had a really lively group when we arrived, and it’s clearly a hot spot. Our table was ready right when we had our reservations, and it was a great atmosphere. Fancy but not stuffy. Our waiter was very friendly and helpful, and although it is a steak restaurant, we both got seafood. We got the shrimp cocktail appetizer, {Read More}

Gift Guide: Ozobot Starter Pack $49.99

This holiday season, empower youngsters with the joy of coding with Ozobot Starter Pack ($49.99) available in Cool Blue or Lava Red. This was the coolest toy with endless possibilities. We are still learning all the cool stuff this little robot does. Children can choose from a Blue or Red Ozobot Starter Pack. This is the perfect gift for your tech savvy 6+ year old. Inside each pack are over 20 activities for the enchanting one-inch programmable robot to perform. {Read More}

Gift Guide: Paper Punk Fold-to-Play Kits!

We love Paper Punk fold kits in my house! These are fun for kids and great busy work. When your done kids have these fun little characters to play with. Most families have fiddled with origami. And every kid has played with a Lego building set. Imagine combining the two and you have the concept behind Paper Punk where paper building blocks are transformed from flat pre-cut paper to a 3D illustrated masterpiece. It’s not just for kids but teens, {Read More}

Gift Guide: Modarri Cars for Kids

If you need a novel, fun and affordable gift for kids ages 6 and up, look no further than the award-winning Modarri cars from Thoughtfull Toys. This is the perfect gift for little builders. Modarri has 9 cars and 4 accessory packages to choose from ranging in price from $10 – $49. You can spend hours building your own configurations. Even adults can enjoy this activity. “Designed by three dads,” begins the glowing review accompanying its Mr. Dad Seal {Read More}