Cinderella at the Playhouse Theater Downtown Cleveland

I took my almost four year old daughter to Cinderella at the Playhouse ?Theater a couple of weeks ago and it was quite the experience. This was the first time she has ever been to any theater other than the movie theater and it was a special night for us. I have always loved seeing Broadway shows and enjoy musical theater very much. The Cinderella play was very impressive and the actors/actresses were extremely talented. The costumes and dancing was {Read More}

Amazing Birthday Meal and a Fun Way to Celebrate!

One of my wonderful friends made me the most amazing dinner the other night for my birthday. I always knew that she was super smart and talented, but had no idea that she is such an awesome chef! She started with some delicious white wine, cheeses and marcona almonds. I love almonds, but these salted soft almonds have become a new favorite! She then brought out a delicious and refreshing 8 Layers of Gold: Mediterranean Layered Dip with hummus, pesto, {Read More}

Reasons to Start Halloween Prep NOW!

Preparation for the Halloween celebration, in the U.S. at least, is second only to Christmas! So many people love celebrating “All Hallow’s Eve” and the necessary preparation required to make it a fun and exciting time! You are Halloween Preppers and here are all the necessities for an eventful holiday. Check out 7 Reasons to Start Halloween Prep NOW! by CourtneyDolinar at Mode Disclosure: I am a Mode Contributor.

7 Fall Fashion Favorites for Modern Moms

Moms are busy! We want to look great but most of the time are running out the door. Look put together and stylish this Fall. Here are some favorites that even if thrown together make you look like a super fashionable modern Mom. Check out 7 Fall Fashion Favorites for Modern Moms by CourtneyDolinar at Mode Disclosure: I am a Mode Contributor.

Some Kindergarten Advice Worth Sharing

My daughter won’t be starting kindergarten until next year, but some of my friends are “wigging out” over their kids starting kindergarten this year, so this article on Yahoo caught my eye. I don’t need an alarm clock because the bus stop is right at the top of our driveway and the buses come early! I really liked her writing style and thought her advice was good and wanted to share. Good luck to all of the moms who have {Read More}

“Faces” Sevi Magnetic Playset is SO FUN!

I haven’t seen my daughter laugh so hard as when we were playing with the Sevi Magnetic Playset. We got the Faces set and there are so many eyes, noses, lips, mustaches, ears, eyebrows and accessories to rearrange on these girls, boys and dogs. The set has three different sets of faces to arrange and it was so much fun to lay out all of the magnets and see who could come up with the funniest face. The options of {Read More}

Fall Session Begins September 14th At Prana Dance Studio!!

Dance Registration is OPEN! Don’t forget to enroll your child(ren) for dance at Prana – the best dance and yoga studio in the Cleveland area! See info below or visit A reminder that all registration for Fall classes must be in by the end August. Please email to register or stop in to the studio Monday’s 5:30-7:00pm! We are SO excited to everyone! Calling all dancers 12 years and up! Are you interested in Student Teaching at PRANA? {Read More}

Build and Imagine StoryWalls Play Set

My daughter loves to build things and put things together. From putting puzzles together to helping me change batteries in her toys, she is always curious as to how to assemble pieces. She loves playing with the Build and Imagine StoryWalls Play Set! We have the “Day at the Beach” set and she has so much fun building the beach store and restaurant, and then dressing up the kids to go to the beach. The magnetic building pieces allow her {Read More}

SanDisk Memory- Great for Back to School! #SanDisk

It’s Back-to-School time! Are you a parent of a student who utilizes a mobile device or tablet? Mobile devices help you share stories every day, no matter where you go. Make sure their performance can keep up! When you are trying to grab some great video or run apps that help with school it’s awful when your memory won’t allow you to grab that great image or use that app! What every student needs is SanDisk Memory. At Best Buy {Read More}

The Winery at Wolf Creek, Norton Ohio

This is probably our favorite winery within 25 minutes of our house. Wineries are limited in the area, but this one is still pretty impressive. The view is amazing! It makes you feel like you aren’t at an Ohio winery, but maybe one in California when you look down at the lake. It is pretty kid friendly because it is so spread out and they have goats to feed and pet. There isn’t a kitchen, but you can have food {Read More}