Westin Cleveland Downtown Art Tour #WestinCleveland

When you stay at the Westin Cleveland Downtown, you can see some of the most impressive artwork provided by local Cleveland Artists. I had no idea how many unique pieces are on display at the Westin until I visited and took an art tour. It was extremely interesting to learn about the pieces on display and see them throughout the beautiful property. Not only does the Westin Cleveland Downtown provide an amazing, luxurious lodging experience, but it’s also a way {Read More}

Fruit + Salad = Yummy! #21DayFix

I love throwing together salads, and I just hope they end up tasting good! My New Years resolution is to eat as clean as I possibly can. For me and my family. Organic, raw, clean food. So far so good. There are a couple of weekend cheat days here and there. Here was my lunch from yesterday, it was delicious! Organic Greens Cut up Organic Pears Cut up Organic Strawberries Organic Blueberries Organic Pumpkin Seeds (FYI every salad tastes great {Read More}

Puffs Perfect for Cold/Flu Season! @Puffs #PassthePuffs

This has been one of the coldest winters I can ever remember in Cleveland, Ohio. The kids have already had like 4 “too cold to go to school days.” All those frigid temperatures bring on the colds! Sniffles, stuffy noses, sneezing, allergies, you name it we have had it! With two young boys their sensitive skin can get worn from all the tissue use. That is why the Puffs Plus Lotion is great! It’s the most soothing facial tissue. It’s {Read More}

50 Shades – Weigh In

For those of you who don’t know, I read all three books. Not necessarily because I LOOOOVED them, but because I get hooked on any book, tv show, movie series and HAVE to finish them until the end. I haven’t seen the movie because the movie theatre is not somewhere I frequent anymore with a 3.5 year old – we usually rent movies, but it did pretty darn well at the box office the first week! I talked to a {Read More}

@JackpotCandles Review and #Giveaway

I love candles! So I was really excited for an opportunity to review Jackpot Candles. Jackpot Candle company is a family owned and operated jewelry candle manufacturer. Their hand-poured candles are made with 100% natural soy that creates a long-lasting flame to fill your home with amazing scents. They have so many scents to choose from! I also love the packaging. The outside pictures are adorable on all of their scents. Jackpot Candles are not any ordinary candle. Each candle {Read More}

Enter The First Years “Welcome to The Family” Video Series Contest to Become the Stars of a New Online Reality Series!

SHOW AMERICA WHAT THE FIRST YEARS OF PARENTING ARE REALLY ALL ABOUT AND TURN YOUR UNIQUE CAST OF CHARACTERS INTO STARS! Young Families Nationwide Can Enter The First Years Welcome to The Family Video Series Contest for a Shot at Becoming the Stars of a New Online Reality Series, Plus the Chance to Score $7,500+ in Prizes! The First Years, a leading manufacturer of juvenile products for more than 60 years, is a brand that embraces an honest view of {Read More}

Fish Eating My Feet Pedicure

I have seen this in spa magazines but have not seen it offered at any spa in Cleveland, OH or other states and countries I have visited. When I saw that it was an option at the Secrets, Playa Mujeres resort located outside of Cancun, I decided to go for it. Some people think I am crazy but it was awesome! The fish have no teeth, so it does not hurt at all whatsoever, but it does tickle a little {Read More}

The Queen’s Treasures Doll Toys and Accessories

My darling daughter LOVES playing with dolls. It is amazing that at such a young age the motherly instincts kick in and little girls like to care for dolls and play “mommy” with them. My daughter bathes her babies, puts them to bed, takes them on stroller rides and just loves playing with them. She loves all of the doll toys, clothes and accessories from The Queen’s Treasures. She has the WWII Salvation Army Girls Accessory Set for 18″ American {Read More}

Quick Easy Valentine for 22 Kids

My daughter has 22 kids to exchange Valentines with at school, so I picked up these Hello Kitty Valentines at Five Below. I like that they came with a sucker. Then I bought the heart rings at Target, which I thought were pretty cute. I just put the ring on the sucker and wove it through the paper and then taped the bottom to secure it. Wah lah! I had every intention of getting a little more creative, but that’s {Read More}

Sitting is the New Smoking

I saw the article featured below in the Cleveland Clinic update I receive in my email every month. This is not the first time that I heard about sitting being the new smoking. Being active is important to me, but I sit a lot during the day. I try to get up and move around, but often times I can’t get up in the middle of a long meeting to walk around. Then it’s back to the computer to check {Read More}