Start Lifting Weights!

It is officially bikini season! Time to burn winter calories quick! I get it that we don’t want to bulk up, but the majority of women do not have enough testosterone to bulk up. Those muscular women competing on TV are usually on major supplements and eat enough protein for 10 people each day. Building lean muscle with weight lifting will not only increase your resting metabolism and burn a ton of calories to tone up, but it will also {Read More}

Compulsive Sunscreen Applier Loving L’Oreal Sublime Sunscreen

The neighborhood pools opened this weekend! YAY! It’s time for fun in the sun – with sunscreen of course. And now I am especially diligent with reapply sunscreen to my almost 3 year old darling daughter to protect her baby fair skin. I am pretty obsessive when it comes to applying sunscreen to the point where my friends make fun of me about it. It is so bad to burn your skin, let alone extremely painful. And contrary to what {Read More}

Cedar Point is Officially Open! #BloggingAtCP

Cedar Point is officially open! The family and I headed to Cedar Point for an absolutely beautiful day! It was 75 and sunny a perfect day for riding some rides. I know when a lot of people think of Cedar Point you thing of super fast roller coasters and things going upside down and dropping at the speed of light. While all of that is true and exists I wanted to mention how kid friendly Cedar Point is! Talking to {Read More}

Allergies After 30

My former coworker was sneezing his head off one day and his eyes were blood shot and watery. I asked him if he had a cold and he told me it was allergies. I told him that I had never had allergies and considered myself lucky. He said, “Wait until you hit 30.” He was right! As soon as I hit 30 I started to experience allergies, especially during the spring time. Right now, I am sneezing my head off {Read More}

Summer Camp for Kids Jump Start Sports Ohio

Memorial Day is on MONDAY and school is winding down! Are you looking for ideas to keep the kids busy this Summer? I know I am. NOW is the time to get those kids registered for summer camp fun! Jump Start Sports offers some awesome programs HERE! Summer Camps Unique sports camps for children ages 4 – 12. Jump Start Sports Camps are fun-oriented and highly instructional for the novice while more advanced players will learn more advanced concepts and {Read More}

Our Weekend Trip to Miami #Fontainebleau #TheBazaar #SLSHotel

My husband and I spent the weekend in Miami, Florida. It was a quick trip, we left Friday and returned Sunday. Flying from Cleveland to Florida is so quick and easy. I am not sure why I don’t go on more quick trips to Florida. It’s like 2:30 hour trip. I have been to Miami several times but my last trip there was before I met my husband and before I had two kids. So total I think it was {Read More}

Broad View Eye Center – Broadview Heights, Ohio

I have been going to the Broad View Eye Center in Broadview Heights, OH for about six years, and just went in for my annual eye appointment. After telling some people that I had just gone to the eye doctor, I was alarmed by the response of my friends and family who said they haven’t been to the eye doctor for a long time…even years! I had Lasik back in 2006 (which I am the biggest advocate for BTW) but {Read More}

Early Etiquette: Being on Time vs. Being Early

Some of you may have looked at the title of this and thought to yourself HA! Who the heck is on time, let alone early!?!?! As busy moms, how often are we not late? Speaking for myself, I am always cutting it close to be on time for everything unless it’s a work meeting. I try to prioritize and plan ahead, but then life happens. HELLO! We are in the middle of potty training right now! I never know what’s {Read More}

Walmart Moms Survey Project with Parade Magazine!

This past weekend, in an exclusive partnership with Parade Magazine, the results of the latest Walmart Moms research (a national survey and focus groups in Charlotte and St. Louis), was published. This special mother’s day edition takes a deeper look into the lives of Walmart Moms all across the country and provides insight into how these American women view themselves in their own families, the chores of daily living, their personal economies and what they think about the future. Since {Read More}

Zoom Team Building Exercise (Video)

A couple of days ago we posted about a book called Zoom by Istvan Banyai. Zoom is a picture book that sends a powerful message. Things are not always as they seem and everything is part of something larger. Zoom was originally a children’s picture book but can also be used as team building exercises. Check out the Video above to learn more about Zoom.