LEAN IN Discussion

With Mother’s Day coming up, I thought it would be even more appropriate to bring up Sheryl Sandberg’s book, LEAN IN. I actually attended a LEAN IN women’s event this morning that was put on by some very powerful women in Cleveland, and the discussions resonated with me throughout the rest of my day. In case you have been living under a rock for the last year or so, or just happen to be a busy mom, Sheryl is the {Read More}

Goldfish Swim School Review #GoldfishSwimCLE

Disclosure: I was given one month of free swim lessions for both of my children in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own. My boys attended Goldfish Swim School this past month and let me just say, Wow! I don’t think I have ever been so impressed by a swim lesson facility in my life. I myself attended swim lessons most of my life, then swim team, then I was a lifeguard so I am no stranger {Read More}

Beautiful Summer Salad Collection on Foodie.com

Disclosure: This is a sponsored opportunity with Foodie.com. Are you ready for Summer? I am! You know what I love about Summer? Making wonderful, colorful, beautiful, light summer salads full of fresh produce and ingredients. Foodie.com has a great site that lets you navigate through all kinds of recipes and you can create collections based on your favorites! It’s like an online recipe box. I love it. I created a collection called “Beautiful Summer Salads.” I collected colorful, fresh salads {Read More}

I LOVE Viva Mexico, North Royalton, OH

I LOVE MEXICAN FOOD and am a huge fan of Cozumel’s in Broadview Heights, OH. It’s good, fast and cheap Mexican food. They have really good margaritas and endless chips and salsa. Plus, it’s a fun place to take the kids without worrying about the noise level. Everyone seems to love Cozumel’s. However, we found a place we like even BETTER than Cozumel’s very close by! Viva Mexico is our new favorite. The margaritas are better (golden and Corona options), {Read More}

Fun Summer iphone 5 Cases!

I am searching for a cute iphone 5 case for my phone. Currently I have a Speck which I love! Those have probably been my last 5 cases. I am pretty rough on my phone (so are the kids) so I do find I need to update every year. I am due! I think I might go for something new but Specks are great if you have never tried one. Here are a few I have been looking at. What {Read More}

My Favorite Summer T-Shirts are 50% Today at Ann Taylor Loft

Use code RUSH50 for 50% Off Ann Taylor Today! I love the Ann Taylor Loft Sunwashed Tee! Some friends turned me on to them last year because they are stylish but don’t cling to your midsection. Moms don’t like anything to cling to your midsection. My friends were right! They fit great. They are fitted around the chest area but let out just a bit around your tummy. Perfect! These also wash great and soften as you wear them. They {Read More}

Sargento Ultra Thin Slices #SargentoUltraThin

Sargento Ultra Thin Cheese Slices are only 45 Calories or Less! They come in many differnt types of cheese. I picked up the Colby and loved it!! I love how thin it is but doesn’t sacrifice on flavor. #SargentoUltraThin

LOVE & TOAST by Margot Elena: Obsession This Week!

Has anyone seen the LOVE & TOAST products by Margot Elena. I was doing some shopping the other day at Giant Eagle, my kids were enjoying themselves crafting at the Eagle’s Nest (the Eagles Nest is the best invention ever!). I love putting the kids in the Eagle’s Nest, because they are not throwing random junk food in the cart. I actually get to browse through the grocery store! The Giant Eagle by my house is huge! They actually have {Read More}

Plastic Circle Earring Backs

I’m not sure what is happening in the last year or so to my ear pierced sockets, but my earrings always look like they are on the verge of falling out. Maybe it is due to all of the years of heavy hoops, or maybe the backings just aren’t staying taught, but I am sick of the backings always coming loose throughout the day. It seems like I am constantly checking to make sure my earrings didn’t fall out. I {Read More}

Win a $550 Celebration Pack from Tuttorosso! #CelebrateYourTradition

Every family member has a meal tradition whether it’s a Sunday dinner, a milestone celebration, or a traditional holiday meal. When it comes to making the perfect meal every ingredient matters! Tuttorosso’s new Celebrate Your Tradition promotion gives you a chance to honor or thank someone special who has inspired you in the kitchen. As part of Tuttorosso’s Facebook contest, everyone who enters will receive a digital recipe book with coupons, recipes and cooking tips. One fan will be chosen {Read More}