LOVE the Target Dollar Section!!!!!

Everyone I know LOVES Target. For some reason I find it just ok. Maybe it’s because the closest one to my house is about 20 minutes away, and I usually don’t find much I like there for the price. If I am going to spend $45 on a dress at Target that is just ok, I might as well spend a little more on one I really like at Express, or even more on one that I LOVE at Nordstrom {Read More}

My Vein Closure Surgery…Ouch!

If you have ever seen me in shorts, you have probably wondered, “Holy smokes! What’s wrong with her legs!” Mother natured has cursed me with vericose veins and I hate them! I can remember seeing some veins in grade school on my legs. Weird I know, even though I am 36 my legs look like I am 47. My vericose veins got really bad after my second pregnancy. Although I exercise and am in good shape I still have the {Read More}

My Gift to Myself: Gigi New York Grey Embossed Python Clutch

My beautiful gift to myself! The Gigi New York Embossed Python All in One Bag in Grey. This picture doesn’t even do this bag justice, it is beautiful in person. It is top notch quality. Embossed python leather, a cute tassel, and lovely gold hardware. Love it! Gigi New York’s winter colored clutches are currently on sale for $73.50. They also just came out with their spring colors, those clutches retail for $105.00. Gigi New York has so many cute {Read More}

Did Kristen Doute Sleep With Jax Taylor? #PumpRules

Talk about the most dramatic episode ever on Bravo! Seriously this may have beaten Teresa in the Real Housewives of New Jersey’s table flipping incident. If you follow Vanderpump rules your know there is always talk about who is sleeping with who? Last night, was no different. It was revealed that Kristen Doute had slept with her best friend Stassi Schroeder’s boyfriend Jax Taylor. Here’s the twist Jax is her boyfriend’s (Tom Sandoval) best friend. I mean Yuck! So who {Read More}

Pale Whale

February is quickly approaching and I don’t know about you guys but I feel like a pale whale. It’s not even a weight thing or a matter of gaining a couple of winter hibernation pounds……don’t you just always feel so much skinnier when you are tan? Well I am thinking the opposite holds true when you are pale. Maybe it’s just a mental thing…….who knows!?!? If you know me, then you know I will not be at the tanning booth {Read More}

Products I Love: Everydrop Whirlpool Water Premium Water Filter

Have you seen this thing? Awesome! I wish they had this when I was mixing baby bottles or rice cereal. This is a EveryDrop Whirlpool Water Premium Water Filter. You just stick in in whatever you are going to drink out of, put it under the sink and turn the water on. It filters the water. What’s great about it? It’s portable! You can put this in your gym bag, diaper bag or purse (if it’s big enough), and every {Read More}

Featured Site Friday: Retale

Welcome back to featured site Friday, where we feature an awesome website we think Moms will love. This week we want to tell you about Retale is a new resource that is very useful to frugal moms (like us). Retale is a local deal finding resource which helps make shopping an easier, cheaper and less stressful experience. You simply enter your zip code to find deals, coupons and store information in your area. Moms find it particularly useful for {Read More}


I know this is the second time I have hyped a Sephora product this week, but I swear I don’t work for them. I actually saw articles in two different magazines, GLAMOUR and Marie Claire, about this brush. I have a lot of hair, but it is on the finer side. Especially after I had my daughter, it just seems to not have the same volume it used to. So I tried this brush for the first time tonight and {Read More}

Postal Rates Are Increasing January 26, 2014

I know a ton of us don’t send out regular mail anymore, but I still do for invites or thank you notes. I am disappointed to hear the USPS Postal rates will be increasing Sunday, January 26, 2014 from 46¢ to 49¢. The rates for first class letters are currently 46¢ so bringing it to 49¢ is a 3¢ increase. If you have any of the old stamps lying around use them up over the weekend! Monday they will be {Read More}

How to Arrange a Easy Simple Floral Hostess Gift – Video

Looking for a thoughtful and simple gift idea? This is a perfect gift to give a friend or loved one to say, Thanks! It’s easy and beautiful. Check out our how to video to make your own hostess floral gift.