Add More Sparkle To Your Champagne For New Years Eve

As if a cold glass of bubbly could get any better! I happened to see this picture in SELF magazine featuring champagne served with sparklers right in the glass! What a cool way to impress your guests on NYE????? Sparklers seem safe enough and why not go a little over the top to celebrate the ball dropping? You certainly won’t drop the ball if you serve this champagne surprise on New Year’s Eve. Happy 2014!!!!!!!! Wishing you a year full {Read More}

Hot Cocoa Snowman Gift in a Mason Jar

How cute are these? Forget someone on your list. Still stopping by holiday parties. Make a quick and useful gift like hot cocoa in a mason jar. This is also a great craft to involve the kids in. How to make a hot cocoa snowman gift in a mason jar: Ingredients: 1 cup powdered milk 1 cup unsweetened cocoa powder 1 cup sugar 1/2 tsp salt 1 cup of marshmallows (or fill to top). Layer powdered milk, cocoa powder, sugar, {Read More}

Cantine in Broadview Heights

I am so sad that Christmas is over! However, very excited that a new bar and bottle shop opened in Broadview Heights. Cantine opened this past weekend in Broadview Heights. It is in the same plaza as Deagneses Restaurant. Actually right next door. Cantine is great. We stopped there after dinner for a cocktail. The atmosphere is great. It’s roomy and warm. Plenty of seating and a very nice decor. The wait staff was very attentive and a great attitude. {Read More}

Thank You Notes OR No Thank You Notes?

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas! And made lots of sentimental memories and received some wonderful things from the people who love you the most. Now here’s the real question……will you be writing Thank You notes? You know, the dreaded TYN’s. My Mom ALWAYS made me write them growing up, so I feel really guilty if I don’t. However, I have “arrangements” with certain friends and family members and we have agreed not to write them to {Read More}

What’s Your Favorite Christmas Movie of All Time?

On Christmas Day, it’s a tradition in our family to watch Christmas movies at my parent’s house. For years, Christmas Vacation was our go-to movie. Then Four Christmases came out and we have been watching it every year since. Home Alone is one of my all-time faves though. I saw that movie so many times when I was a kid that I can actually recite most of the lines in that movie, which is not typical for me at all. {Read More}

TRIA or No TRIA For Christmas? #TRIA

I am completely obsessed with hair removal and have been waiting for something like this to come to market! I have tried different waxes, the “Tweesie”, considered the “No-no”, but I am looking for something more permanent. However, I do not have the time in my schedule right now to go sit through hours of repetitive laser treatments that might leave scarring and might not have permanent results. It would be so convenient to do this from home though. According {Read More}

The Best Christmas Cookie Recipes

A couple of weekends ago I went to a cookie baking party. It was so fun and every cookie we made was delicious! All these recipes remind me of Christmas growing up. We made all the same Christmas cookies my aunt Lois used to make. My aunt took so much pride in her cookies and her cookies were delicious! I looked forward to every Christmas Eve at her house, just so I could eat them. These recipes brought me back {Read More}

Glamorous in Winter White

I have to admit that winter white is difficult to pull off. Not sure about you, but I am starting look look pretty pale come mid-December. The summer glow has officially warn off and the bronzer on my face is looking way too dark compared to my natural skin tone. But I refuse to tone it down…..even it means that I resemble an oompa loompa a tad. Anyhow, when I saw this dress on this model in a magazine, I {Read More}

Jessica Simpson Weight Loss After 2nd Pregnancy

Loosing weight after having a baby is hard. Loosing weight after a second pregnancy is harder. I always say 9 months up, 9 months down. I felt after my first baby (which I gained 47 pounds with) I was able to get down to my pre-pregnancy weight (it took me 9 months) but I got there. It was a mixture of Adkins diet and working out on the treadmill 4 days a week. Good thing too, because at 10 months {Read More}

Diamond Candles Great Last Minute Gift for Girls!

The other day when I was getting my holiday red shellac, the girl doing my nails was sharing with me a great last minute gift for a girlfriend or sister, aunt, etc. It was a Diamond Candle. I like to consider myself somewhat of a candle connoisseur so I was surprised I had no idea what she was talking about. A Diamond Candle is a highly fragrant earth friendly soy candle with a fun and exciting twist. Each candle has {Read More}