Are You Kidding Me Belinda? This Takes the Cake!

Happy Halloween everyone! The weather here is northeastern Ohio could just quite simply be described as a MONSOON! So, I recycled my Wonder Woman costume from 8 years ago on a whim and had a blast! Nothing a couple of PUMKING BEERS couldn’t fix. My costume doesn’t look quite the same without the spray tan but definitely didn’t have time for that today. We took our daughter to three houses before heading home since we all were drenched, but we {Read More}

Happy Halloween!

Hope everyone has a safe and Happy Halloween!

Sweet Like Candy Pumpkin Seeds!

We carved our pumpkins last night! I was surprised at how much my kids got into it this year. Last year they would not even touch the inside of a pumpkin. Which meant about 5 minutes into carving it was me left in a kitchen to carve 4 pumpkins by myself : ( Well this year was much different. The boys cleaned out their own pumpkins and did an awesome job. They drew their faces and my husband carved them {Read More}

Hitting the Gym can Make You Gain Weight? What?!?!?!?!

I have always been a firm believer that working out helps you lose weight! I just read a Healthy Living article that talks about how you can actually gain weight after working out for months. According to a recent survey by Forza Supplements, it is possible for the number on the scale to go in the wrong direction. After surveying a large number of people on their diet and exercise habits, they found that 26 percent of the participants in {Read More}

My Obsession This Week: It Cosmetics Celebration Foundation!

When I find a great product I love to share and this one is definitely worth mentioning! I recently discovered It Cosmetics Celebration Foundation set while watching my favorite station QVC. QVC sold me on this product after watching their beauty awards and I just had to try it! Now let me start by saying I am not normally a fan of powder foundation. I have tried others and always felt they appeared cakey and just creased on my skin. {Read More}

I Found the Fountain of Youth

I had to go to Seattle this week for work and it’s a LOOOOOOONG trip from Cleveland with no direct flights. It became even longer when my first flight was delayed so I missed my connection after sprinting almost a mile to the gate just to find out they had already closed the doors and gave my seat away…..ugh! When I was packing the night before I left, I almost packed a big suitcase to check and boy am I {Read More}

Vanderpump Rules is Back November 4th 8/7c (VIDEO)

I take my Bravo shows very seriously! It is one of the only networks on television I love to watch. While Bravo has had a few misses this year, they also hit one outta the ballpark with Vanderpump Rules!! Holy crap is that show a roller coaster ride. I love all the drama, it reminds me of my college days. So how excited am I that after my favorite holiday passes next week I have Vanderpump Rules to look forward {Read More}

LEGO® Kidsfest Announces 2014 Tour Dates

Giant Family Expo Kicks Off 6th Year of National Tour Raleigh, NC: February 28 – March 2 Novi, MI: April 25 – 27 Calgary, AB, Canada: May 16 – 18 Atlanta, GA: June 27 – 29 Dallas, TX: August 29 – 31 Richmond, VA: October 3 – 5 Indianpolis, IN: November 7-9 Ready your building skills! The LEGO KidsFest, a nationally-traveling giant LEGO expo, is coming to a city near you! This interactive LEGO extravaganza brings all of the creative {Read More}

Props to the Pumpkin!

Fall is one of my favorite seasons. The leaves change to beautiful colors of yellow, orange and red. I tried to teach my daughter that the reason this happens is because they lose their chlorophyll, but I accidentally said chloroform…..I think I’ve seen way too many Dateline episodes. Anyway, I figured out that my favorite thing about Fall is everything PUMPKIN! What is it about this round plant-like squash that can make anything better? An amazing pumpkin pie, a delicious {Read More}

Are You Eating Bread that Contains a Yoga Mat?

Health is important, and what you are feeding you kids in this day and age is very important. There are so many chemicals in our food that you have to make wise choices when picking out food for your family. About a month ago I read an article about a chemical that is used to create yoga mats. It is also used in many breads. That’s right they put it in your food. In fact if you have eaten Subway, {Read More}