Sargento Ultra Thin Slices #SargentoUltraThin

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Sargento Ultra Thin Cheese Slices are only 45 Calories or Less! They come in many differnt types of cheese. I picked up the Colby and loved it!! I love how thin it is but doesn't sacrifice on flavor. #SargentoUltraThin … [Read more...]

LOVE & TOAST by Margot Elena: Obsession This Week!


Has anyone seen the LOVE & TOAST products by Margot Elena. I was doing some shopping the other day at Giant Eagle, my kids were enjoying themselves crafting at the Eagle's Nest (the Eagles Nest is the best invention ever!). I love putting the kids in the Eagle's Nest, because they are not throwing random junk food in the cart. I actually get to browse through the grocery store! The Giant Eagle by my house is huge! They actually have a gigantic cosmetic section, they even do facials and apply … [Read more...]

Plastic Circle Earring Backs


I’m not sure what is happening in the last year or so to my ear pierced sockets, but my earrings always look like they are on the verge of falling out. Maybe it is due to all of the years of heavy hoops, or maybe the backings just aren't staying taught, but I am sick of the backings always coming loose throughout the day. It seems like I am constantly checking to make sure my earrings didn't fall out. I bought a pair that happened to have the plastic rubber circle backings, and they stay … [Read more...]

Win a $550 Celebration Pack from Tuttorosso! #CelebrateYourTradition

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Every family member has a meal tradition whether it's a Sunday dinner, a milestone celebration, or a traditional holiday meal. When it comes to making the perfect meal every ingredient matters! Tuttorosso's new Celebrate Your Tradition promotion gives you a chance to honor or thank someone special who has inspired you in the kitchen. As part of Tuttorosso's Facebook contest, everyone who enters will receive a digital recipe book with coupons, recipes and cooking tips. One fan will be chosen … [Read more...]

EOS for Easter


This round, egg-shaped luxury lip balm is awesome! I actually really like EOS and think they make great Easter basket gifts for girls who are old enough to use chapstick. Just make sure you don’t give them to your 2 year old when you are blow drying your hair (like I did) because in 30 seconds. a child can mistake them for candy (like mine did). Even though I told her it was chapstick, which she uses frequently with no desire to eat it, she ate the EOS. Luckily there was less than half … [Read more...]

Easter Bunny Planter Pot Craft (VIDEO)

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It's supposed to be a beautiful day on Easter! Why not entertain the kiddos with a cute outdoor craft. This is a bunny potter plant craft. It's easy to do all you need is some paint, glue, and foam cutouts! You can draw the face or add eyes. Make it extra special and fill it with dirt and plant some carrrots in it. It's a great way to start your garden this spring. Enjoy! … [Read more...]

The Easter Bunny is Coming to Town!

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The Easter Bunny is coming to town! Do you have your basket's ready? What do you fill in your basket? I try and keep my Easter basket's pretty simple. Besides it's not Santa Claus that is coming to town although at some houses I wonder... I do not buy a lot of toys. I fill in mainly with Malley's Chocolates my favorite (I know it's for the kids) and some craft items like coloring books, new crayons, maybe some new crocs for summer, and some cute Easter related dollar store items. Some summer … [Read more...]

Tax Day!


Today is Tax Day!! Did you mail your forms today? Or did you file early in hopes to get your refund in time for summer vacation? Even though it is the SAME day each year and we know it's coming, most of us are still scrambling to get our papers and forms out on time. So the big question is...what are you going to do with your refund money?!?!?! Spend it on a little getaway? A spa day? A new spring hand bag? Or save it for a rainy day? (Although it's spring time and we should be seeing some … [Read more...]

Easter Brunch Recipes

Easter Brunch Ideas

My cousins wife is hosting Easter this year. She is a great cook and baker. I need to bring something and have been searching for some great Easter Brunch recipes. Here are a few of my favorites: 1. Easter Brunch Broccoli and Cheddar Quiche 2. Mini Ham and Egg Casseroles 3. Pecan-Honey Buns 4. Farmers Casserole 5. Polenta-Veggie Stacks 6. Gruyere Cheese Potatoes 7. Baked French Toast 8. Fruit Kebabs with Honey-Yogurt Dipping Sauce 9. Overnight … [Read more...]

Sweet CeCe’s in Broadview Heights Opened!

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Sweet CeCe's in Broadview Heights opened this past week. We finally had a chance to visit last night and it was great! It is on the corner of Broadview Road and 82. It's a yogurt and fresh juice bar! My kids love a yogurt bar! Sweet CeCe's is nice because it's so close! It's similar to other yogurt/ice cream bars where they have a variety of frozen yogurt flavors to choose from and then tons of toppings to load it up! Candy, cereal, fruit toppings and more. Yum! They have a lot of gluten free … [Read more...]

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